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No birds allowed!

Birds troubles

Birds are one of the problems when flying. We invade their airspace and sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes as defense, attack our drones.

Natural defense

Nature has its own defense mechanisms against certain types of birds. Some reptiles and insects develop their own “shields” to avoid being devoured.


Our Apostematic series tries to imitate Nature in order to avoid, as far as possible, our aircraft being overturned by the birds.

Important: We decline all responsibility in case of accident with birds while you are using any of our skins. The aposematicos designs are based on natural mechanisms of some species, which does not mean that there are no birds that ignore them.


  • The skins are custom-made for every part of the DJI Mavic Pro drone.
  • They are made of premium quality PVC and printed in high resolution.
  • They are easy to install because they have bubble release channels and folds.
  • Easy to remove without leaving residue.
  • They are designed and manufactured in Spain.

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